whatsapp privacy policy update

After weeks of criticism and controversy WhatsApp 2021 privacy policy update deadline is finally here. At some point the WhatsApp users will have to accept the conditions when they wish to use some certain features. From the WhatsApp side they had clearly informed that they will not delete any user accounts. But they are going to limits the futures in accounts who were not given permission to their privacy policy. So in ultraboost we like to share some useful information regarding this

whatsapp privacy policy update


Why did the policy create controversy?

In January when it first came out many of them was scared that the new privacy policy would allow WhatsApp to see user and they would share the messages with its Parent company Facebook Inc. initially they announced that the user should accept the privacy policy or else they would lose their access to social messaging app. WhatsApp had later claimed that the new policy does not affect the user’s private messages and they will provide further more information on the policy.


If you haven’t accepted the new policy by now, you’ll start to see more pop-ups in WhatsApp initial interface with a big green Accept button at the bottom. If you tap on it, WhatsApp will gain your permission to share your account data to its parent. If you are not given any permission, initially some of the features like Read receipts, export chat may not be available for you.  Later some days you are in the position to lose some required features like call or export chats may be left off. At last you will have a WhatsApp with no key features. Once after accepting the privacy policy we can use all it features.

What’s in new update?

According to what they have mentioned when you given a permission to use your data, they can receive or collect some information to provide, improve and market their services including when you install, access or use their services.

The below listed information’s are taken by the parent company when you accept the policy:

The main purpose of this new privacy policy is to provide ads in WhatsApp similar to Facebook. Based on the information you had indirectly given to Facebook they will display the ads. Since we already know that Facebook had a privacy issue with the world in 2020 and their privacy is not that secure when compared to others. How the data of users in WhatsApp can be securely handled by them is a question mark?

Your messages will be monitored by the company and they have the rights to use each and every information that you had sent to your chat mates. All the media you have shared is also been taken by the company. For example if you had made a status video about car, when the WhatsApp recognize your media and it will display the ads related to car. Like this they will use your very own data to display ads.

Earlier WhatsApp had introduced a new feature as WhatsApp UPI for bank transactions similar to other UPI apps, certain people had given their bank details to use that feature and these data’s will be taken too.

Public Awareness:

According to many experts, WhatsApp users in India will not care too much about this issue. In fact many of them without even their acknowledgement they had given permission just by seeing that green big button as annoying factor and also the privacy policy being generally difficult to be understood by the public.

To sum up

Unless until a strong law is guarantees these kind of information related issues, it is mandatory to not give permissions and to wait patiently until the government makes an suitable move because” the privacy of the billions is too important when compared to using a well-practised app. Moreover if it is the time to switch other messaging apps like “telegram and signal”.

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