Food is one of the basic needs of the Humans to live. Not only for humans each and every living thing present across this globe must consume a certain amount of food to survive. Nowadays in modern society we all forget how our ancestors lived a healthy life by consuming everything organically and how they lived without any of the modern diseases. In this article you will learn the importance of consuming organic foods.

Organic Farming:

Organic farming is a crop and livestock production system that entails much more than avoiding the use of pesticides, fertilisers, GMOs, antibiotics, and growth hormones.

Organic farming is a holistic approach aimed at increasing the productivity and fitness of agro-ecosystem groups such as soil organisms, plants, livestock, and people. The primary purpose of organic farming is to create businesses that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Why do we need organic foods?

Organic foods contain absolutely zero chemicals. They are very much helpful in maintaining the human body as a healthier one.

Organic foods are purchased for a variety of reasons. Many people want to buy food that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides or cultivated without the use of traditional fertilisers. Some people simply enjoy experimenting with new and unusual products. 

Organic food is preferred by certain consumers for a variety of reasons, including product flavour, environmental concerns, and a desire to avoid foods derived from genetically modified organisms.

Significance of organic foods

  • Organic foods are richer in nutrients than foods rich in chemicals. They contain more vitamins and minerals. 
  •  Nutrients found in organic foods can help prevent dangerous diseases like heart disease, blood pressure problems, migraines, diabetes, and cancer. Fat is the same. This weight can be used to control. 
  •  organic food does not normally contain toxic substances, since they do not use harmful substances such as chemicals, pesticides, medications, preservatives. 
  •  The body’s defenses are also strengthened by eating organic food. It tastes better and is considered beneficial for  growing skin.

Health Benefits of consuming natural foods daily

1.Improved overall health

 Organic food is not grown or processed with the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers, it does not contain any hazardous chemicals and may not be damaging to human health. 

Natural strategies for pest and disease control, such as green manure for fertilising the ground and crop rotation for pest and disease control, produce safer, healthier food products. Furthermore, nutritious food simply means healthy individuals and better nutrition for a higher quality of life for both humans and animals.

2.Heart health has improved

Animal products have more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) when they are grazed exclusively on natural grass. 

Natural grass absorbs the sun’s energy through photosynthesis and converts it into the most coveted organic CLA by herbivores who eat it. CLA is a heart-healthy fatty acid that has the potential to improve cardiovascular protection, and it’s found in higher concentrations in the meat and milk of animals raised on pasture.

3.Immune system that is stronger

By all means necessary, traditional or industrial farming practises attempt to increase production and agricultural output. For example, using genetic changes and growth hormones to produce more cereals, meat, and larger fruits appears to solve some of the world’s food poverty challenges. 

Although the effects are not yet obvious, the long-term repercussions include increased susceptibility to allergens and a significant decrease in immune system strength.

By consuming organic food, the risk of a decrease in the strength of the immune system is significantly reduced, since organic food is not altered at all.

To sum up

  • A person who is living without any disease is the richest and wealthiest human in the world. 
  • Organic foods usually won’t come to the mind of modern society people. If we consume everything organic consistently we can overcome all the physical obstacles that we have in our human body. 



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