Adidas Ultraboost

When comes to fashion the trend changes day by day. Especially in the footwear category like sneakers and shoes new product has been launched day by day. People like only the branded shoes like Nike, Adidas and Puma. As by the reports of statista Nike and Puma hold the first two places in the global market share.In this post we are going to look into Adidas Ultraboost one of the most attractive shoes used by running or athletics people and even some use for general purpose also. Let’s get started

Adidas Ultraboost

Introduction of Boost technology by Adidas

In 2007 German chemicals company BASF developed brand new technology called Energy Capsules. It is small white beads that are steamed together which are used in the Adidas shoes.  Adidas signed agreement with the German company. After continuous product development and testing prototype in 2013 Adidas boost introduced to market and added it to its product lineup.

Boost is an technology which is engineered to make extremely comfortable to the wearers feet. Also the softness and cushion like feeling made athletic and running people feel comfortable.  This Adidas boost model shoes had become the best shoes liked by running professionals and praised by many magazines also.

Unveiling Ultraboost

The boost reached the professionals but later on it become less noticed among the common people. In 2015 they introduced Adidas Ultraboost which created hype and people are much attracted towards it. A trendy stylish design with boost added made it high performance shoe. Also along with Adidas features like long lasting continental rubber outsole and torision support bar makes comfortable. With great marketing technique Adidas branded it as best ever running shoe ever.

The above mentioned things reached mass people, also it caught eyes people in fashion world. Later on Adidas introduced various models in the boost product line made it successful.

Best Adidas ultraboost shoes list

The following is the list of top Adidas ultraboost models tested and reviewed by runnersworld. They have picked up these shoes based on performance, wearers comfort, pricing, popularity and user experience form 350 people.

  • Original UltraBoost
  • UltraBoost 19
  • UltraBoost ST
  • Game of Thrones x UltraBoost
  • UltraBoost Uncaged
  • UltraBoost Laceless
  • UltraBoost Parley
  • UltraBoost x Missoni
  • UltraBoost All Terrain
  • UltraBoost S&L

For more indeepth reviews and clear understand visit runnersworld.

Even though Nike is the market leader Adidas also giving tough competition by introducing variety of new arrival, style design. Adidas Ultraboost is available in major online shopping platform like Amazon. Well even after these long years there are still people who love Adidas Ultraboost.

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